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Alle kurs holdes også på norsk. Vil du ha informasjon på norsk, skriv her.


A weekend or week-long course is open to all levels. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge and skills or would like to get started, this is a good opportunity to work direct from a live model. With one-to-one guidance, we’ll go through the various stages of modelling a clay bust from scratch. Welcome!

For more info  and photos from earlier workshops, see here


Follow on facebook or contact Bruce for upcoming course dates and details.

Youth drawing


An ongoing weekly course open to all levels. Everything is relationships. Learn to see  and interpret form, line, light and shadow. With various sculptures and stilllife's as drawing models, build or strengthen your foundation while while expanding a visual vocabulary based on form and movement. Direct one on one guidance and feedback.

Wednesday evenings  18.00-20.00

Cost 400,- per session


This is an ongoing weekly course open to all levels. You decide what you will make; a bust, an animal, fantasi, etc. Learn the basics or advanced principles of sculpture with one-to-one guidance.

Pay each session and stay on as long as you like. Some have been for years, while others a couple months.

See gallery here of students' work

Tuesday evenings  18.00-21.00

Cost 450,- per session



Would you like to do something totally different with fellow employees or a group of  friends? Come with a group and model a bust of one another while they sculpt you. Great for any type of affair; team building, birthday celebrations, and  any other sort of gathering. Food and wine can be included! This is an non-traditional and exciting activity for 6-20 persons.

Lasts 2-3 hours

Cost 750,- pr/pers


This course is open to all levels and is focused on strengthening one's understanding of the human figure. We work from both sculptures and live models. There are weekend as well as week-long courses available.

Follow on facebook or contact Bruce for upcoming course dates and details.



Young students learn the fundamental basics of drawing; line, form, movement, light, shadow. By learning 'to see' and interpret the visual world of 3 dimensions to a 2 dimensional illusion, each student is encouraged to draw in a way that's natural for them while adhering to basic principles and guidelines. See gallery of students works.

Tuesday afternoons  15.30-17.15

3 Trimesters  Autumn/winter/spring

Cost 1300,- pr trimester

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