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Portrait courses

"Bruce is a highly skilled sculptor from whom I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. He has a unique talent for communicating  art’s essence through his teaching. His inspiring course not only gave me basic skills, but also opened doors to new creative horizons. It has certainly enriched my own artistic journey." -Yvonne Jeanette Karlsen, Fine Artist

"Dear Bruce,

Thanks a lot for nice and inspiring days at your workshop in Møllebyen. You are a good (and patient) teacher - in addition to being an excellent artist in an exciting environment."

Best regards

Trygve G Nordby

"I’ve been a student with Bruce for 3 different weekend courses, each time working from a live model. Since the course goes over a few days, the work becomes more focused and concentrated. It’s also been a good social environment! Since we’re all working with the same model and goal, we gain extra benefits throughout the days. Bruce has been an inspiring and skillful teacher He has a good deal of patience and always has time to challenge me and help me break through when I'm stuck."  -Monica Skomvold

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