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We find ourselves living in a fragmented world. Divisions between
nations, religious and secular societies, racial, political, economic,
personal,,the list goes on and on. What do we benefit from these schisms and where is the love to be found?

Here we see the circle of life which is broken at the bottom, only to
complete itself where the action of giving and receiving takes place,
the true connection of people meeting people face to face, word to word, but most essentially through the warmth and magnetism of our hearts, that which we recognize as love.

So let us look at the term and its own significance. Based on the root
word Tzedek (righteousness), its closest translation from Hebrew to
English is charity. However, for those who are familiar with the
teachings in the old testament, this is not only a measure of good will,
but a duty as well, as the root denotes. It comes in many forms and
different degrees. Essentially though, as we are given life and all of
life's abundance, it is our very nature to emulate this giving. And when we do, when we make that connection with others and can give of ourselves, we tend to experience a deeper sense of human 'being'. 

While we genuinely experience the gift of sharing, we realize more and more our common destiny,, we defy the forces that seek to manipulate and divide us. Here we find tolerance and acceptance for our fellow individuals, with understanding and respect. Isn't it ironic that through these actions we become more keenly aware of our own
individuality,,our indivisibility,,with which we can make the true
connection with life and those in our lives.

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