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"My key focus when teaching and giving workshops can be likened to teaching music. The process of learning and establishing a foundation is essential. As one learns their instrument and practices on creating a clear sound, learning the notes and scales, rhythms and so on, and building upon that,  the more free one becomes to play whatever music, however one wishes".

"I lay a strong emphasis on learning 'to see'. Regardless of what form of art one chooses to express them self through, seeing and understanding relationships is once again essential and will  give their work substance and coherence, even if incoherence is the desired goal! I don't interfere with an individual's aim or destination, their style is their own. It is ultimately a game of editing and guiding them to see more clearly what will bring them closer to that goal".

Naturally, for Bruce, the learning is focused on the the human figure and most the courses are in this arena.

Courses take place in Bruce's studio in Moss, Norway. He also enjoys traveling and giving workshops/courses around the country and abroad upon request.

Contact Bruce if you are interested in organizing a workshop in your community.

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