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Oslo Business for Peace Award

A global award



“A human flexes and raises a mighty form. It is the “Wheel of Life” – the primal symbol of continuity. Naigles’ “Wheel of Life” does not join in a circular end, it is bisected by “the handshake that obligates.” Through an ethical act, human beings contribute and become part of the cosmic order. The sculpture hints that ethical obligation is not a pre-given, but has to be carried forth by each and every human being – again and again and again”  -Bjørn Li


The BfP award is given annually at the Oslo City Hall to “outstanding Honourees for their contribution to a better understanding of the relationship between ethical business practices and peace.”


The award statuette and its design as the logo were directly commissioned by the Business for Peace Foundation in 2009. 

In 2013, the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) declared the award to be "the highest recognition that can be bestowed upon a businessperson in the world today".

For more information about the award itself and the honourees, visit

Read the ICC's interview with Bruce about the creation of the award.

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